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                                            Services Provided: Restaurant Management System iiko

      iiko not only automates but transforms your business processes end-to-end - helping you to improve productivity, increase speed and precision of processes and achieve scalability.

       With iiko, every aspect of your business is covered in an all-in-one cloud business management suite. You can easily standardize, streamline and automate hundreds of micro tasks to save money, improve quality and grow profitably.

iiko collects every detail about your stock, sales, cash reconciliations, and actions - way more than any manager can hold in their head! Importantly, it delivers insight and conclusions at the time when actions are required to be taken. No longer do you need to dig through mountains of information.

      You can easily switch between different modes within the same application, on the same till table service, counter service, delivery service, and even the kitchen display screen. This eliminates the need for multiple applications and integrations.

       Your managers can easily refine the forecast knowing their local situation - the weather, what's happening in-store, in the neighborhood, and whatever information they have to hand. With iiko you can obtain a 95-99% precision forecast to better plan ahead.

Increase performance and spend less time on routine administrative tasks.

Free your team to do more valuable work with their time.

Responding time: within 1 hour of receiving the lead

 Prices: starting from 400 AED per till monthly 

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