Kosmonte food

Our company has been established since 2000.
We have increased and expanded our range of specialty products, and have ensured quality and great taste by working closely with our suppliers.
We have become one of the leading distributors in the UAE and other GCC countries as well as Kosovo and Albania.
To be able to achieve our main goal, we constantly initiate and develop Stable reforms in our business structure.
Our brands offer products of outstanding quality, thereby building the reputation of the brands.
We offer the consumers product excellence in terms of visual appearance, taste, and packaging.
We strive to continue this achievement by seeking products with significant advantage over traditional branded products.
Our company has evolved from a mere distributor to an enterprise that develop brands and successfully markets various products ranging from
Dairy Products (Yoghurts, Milks, Sour Cream and Cheese)
Meat products-delicatessen
Marinated and Frozen Fish and Sea foods
Frozen Fruits and Vegetables
Cereals and Pasta
Drinks and Confectionery items etc.

Minimum order amount is 250AED

Products: 112 of 661
Products: 112 of 661