Ideal Services LLC

 Ideal Services LLC, one of the pioneer in Pest Control, Disinfection, Cleaning  industry

with 30 years of expertise and Industry-leading certifications.

We Focus on Pest Control, Disinfection, and Deep Cleaning Services to Eliminate 99.9% Germs and Viruses with the help of Hospital-grade disinfectants.

More than 10000 companies of all sizes trust us, and thousands of private households use our service on a regular basis to keep their premises safe.

Our company complies with ISO standards for Environmental Management, Quality Management and Occupational Health and Safety. We provide services with the highest industry standard, ensuring our customers receive a cleaning service of the highest quality. As per our company policy, we only use environment friendly cleaning materials and disinfection machines for the safety of our customers.

Using industry-leading procedures and equipment, we will transform your environment into fresh, safe and healthy space.

Our customized pricing strategy helps us to provide the most affordable cleaning services for our customers.

Activities: Pest Control, Disinfection, Cleaning Services, Water Tank Cleaning.

Presence in UAE: Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah


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