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At the heart of Al Rawdah’s values is our focus on hygiene and food safety. Since the opening of the farm, The Management has made sure that this focus penetrates through the whole organisation. Al Rawdah is dedicated to bring only the best quality to our consumers and go out of our way to make sure this happens each and every day.

Al Rawdah promises our consumers 100% fresh products, which is backed by the fact that our chickens are only eight hours from slaughtering to supermarket. Furthermore, Al Rawdah is also the healthier option as we guarantee that our chickens have not been treated with anti-biotic and growth hormones at any stage.
At the core of Al Rawdah’s brand values, stands our passion for our chickens. The chickens live in large air-conditioned houses where they have free access to food and water, and, to ensure that they will get some rest, the lights are turned off for night time sleep. Frequently Animal Welfare organisations visit the farm only to conclude that we are more than complying with all given regulations. Finally, Al Rawdah cares for the local environment. As a zero waste company, all their waste is recycled as, for example, the waste water is treated and used as irrigation for the plants in the farm.

Our commitment is not only to give high-quality food but also high-quality lifestyle both for their chickens and their consumers.

Freshness, high quality meat, environmental friendly, protects animal welfare, focus on food safety, 100% natural feed are Al Rawdah’s watchwords.

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Products: 112 of 80